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Miu Miu's new jewelry line cures boredom with medicinal accessories
August 12, 2022
Enthralled by blooming claymation flowers, the model resolves to pluck out all of its petals. Left with a pile of candy-colored blossoms, the playful protagonist disappears from view. In the omnipresent gaze of the blinking eye, the viewer can see the model peering through a large glass jar. Based on the woman’s sweet and enamored expression, the scene alludes to a sense of childlike wonder. A claymation bird pecks at one of the woman’s earrings, a psychedelic-hued flower made of white and green pills. The bird, perhaps in need of the colorful medication, swallows the earring comprised of capsules and disappears. A giant disembodied clay hand steals a necklace modeled after pharmaceuticals from the model’s pocket. She tries to pry the large pale hand open to retrieve it and discovers it has stolen one of her earrings. At last, the clay hand and the model become friends and as a show of affection, the clay hand playfully strokes one of her earrings.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Miu Miu (@miumiu) An image of Miu Miu's $1720 metal and resin necklace